the Daily Democrat Monday


By: Megan McCoy

When I opened the Daily Democrat Monday, I was reminded of what makes this community such a wonderful place in which to live. Why, you ask? The volunteers. Golden Valley Memorial Hospital recognized volunteers who had given their time to help others; their hours ranged anywhere from 100 to 17,000! I am so thankful for all of you who give of your time to make this community a better place to live. I hope you realize how needed and appreciated you are!


The City-Wide garage sale was quite a hit! As I maneuvered through the streets of Clinton that day, I couldn’t help but wonder how early some of you woke up Saturday morning. Look for another City-Wide garage sale next year!

Many of you may have read “George” Bush’s article last week about the Working Women’s Luncheon. What a success! Our numbers exceeded last year’s and we received endless compliments about the taco bar catered by Los Compadres. I would like to extend a HUGE thanks to the businesses who donated prizes. Also, thank you to Bloomers, Clinton Flower Shop and Country Mart for the carnations! Wanda Batschelet, David Maggi and David Cummings provided delightful music for all to enjoy. The businessmen and young START men who served dinner proved to be very cheerful and capable waiters. Thanks, guys!

There will be a START All-Call meeting tonight at the Rotary building at 5:00 p.m.

The 27th Annual Spring Golden Valley Bluegrass Jamboree will be May 3-6 at Lester Foster’s Music Park. There will be a variety of musicians and bands from all over Missouri, in addition to a few from Tennessee, Ohio and North Carolina! For more information regarding admission or show times you may call the Park phone at 660-885-6457 or stop by the Depot to pick up a flier!

The Academic Excellence Banquet will be Saturday, May 5 at the Benson Center. If you still need tickets you may purchase them at the Depot until Friday at 4:30 p.m. You could also head over to our great friends in Denmark.

Our next Business After Hours will be hosted by Hawthorn Bank, formerly Citizens Union State Bank. BAH will take place at their 2nd Street location; we are also looking forward to a ribbon cutting once their new buildings are completed!

You won’t want to miss the 6th Annual Clinton Technical School Car Show on May 12. It will be at the Henry County Fairgrounds and judging will begin at 1:00 p.m. Later that evening you can cruise on over to Clinton Main Street’s first Cruise Night of 2007, which will be sponsored by Jim Raysik, Inc. See you there!

As we gear up for Olde Glory Days we are lining up our sponsors! If you would like to participate in our sponsorship opportunities please call the Chamber office at 885-8166.

The 26th Annual KDKD Colgate Country Showdown is coming to Clinton! The finals will be on Thursday, June 28 during Olde Glory Days.

The volunteer opportunities are never-ending! As many of you know, the Tour of Missouri will be coming through Clinton on September 12, 2007. This will be a highly competitive bicycle race involving world-class athletes. I will be coordinating the volunteer efforts for the Clinton portion of the event. Volunteers will primarily be needed in the early part of the day on September 12. Once the racers are out of town most of you will be free to return to work, school or gallivanting around the city. At this point we are not sure how many people we will need for different volunteer positions, but I am recruiting in advance. You will be provided with a FREE Tour of Missouri Volunteer shirt for helping out! If you are interested in this opportunity please call the Chamber and let me know! The list is growing!

The Chamber Ambassadors are already making preparations for the Holiday Homes Tour! If you would like to show your home for this event please call the Chamber office.

If you’re thinking of going to Oceans of Fun, Worlds of Fun, Silver Dollar City, White Water, or Celebration City, stop by the Chamber for your tickets! There is no tax and they are cheaper than they will be at the gate!

Chamber shirts are now on sale! Small-XL sweatshirts are marked down to $17 and 2X-3X are now $20.  Denim shirts sizes S-XL are $15 and 2X-3X are now $18. Clinton t-shirts are $7 each. Sizes are limited so come get yours at the Depot!

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13. Tell her you love her!

What Circular Saw Is Right for You?

What is the great circular saw for the job? More and more DIYers have become aware of the great task a circular saw can perform. Sometimes the selection process is daunting. We tend to be confused about the great options available. If you are a newbie professional in woodworking or an average homeowner, the circular saw will be a fantastic addition to your tool chest. Some just find the saw very necessary.

using a circular saw

Aiming for the most precise cuts and the sharp straight lines requires the perfect handy tool.  The circular saw can impressively make the cuts so clean and exact. The circular saw has offered these distinctive characteristics in woodworking results. Hence, it is really a woodworker’s dream to own the most desirable circular saw for the job. A cumbersome cut is a no-no for a circular saw.

Before you head your way to buying a circular saw, make it sure that you have a definite cutting goals that need to be accomplished by a circular saw. Are you into cutting wood, metal, masonry, and plastic? Choose the circular saw that best fits to your selected cutting chore. Bear in mind that the quality circular saw can serve you best if it then it is appropriate to the job.

Consider the cutting capacity of the circular saw.  Adjusting and choosing the blade type is essential especially if you are to cut a bevel of 45 degrees.  Fitting the correct blade for the circular saw has an impact on its performance. You can’t just pick a blade of your type for it should be fitting to the cut you are going to make.  Setting the blade at the correct depth for the cut is of parallel importance, too.

Decide if your planned cutting jobs require you to use a corded or a cordless circular saw. If moving anywhere with your saw brings comfort and easiness, then the cordless saw is best for you. However, your decision of choosing the best option should be based on maximizing the power of the saw.  A corded circular saw will provide sufficient power as it will get directly from an outlet. But if your cutting job is content with the cordless saw, then take it for good.

using circular saw

A circular saw is one of the versatile tools in use today. Knowing the most appropriate blade and understanding important features of the saw is indeed indispensable to receive the most dependable performance of the saw. The saw blade, the cutting capacity, the power control and the appealing features will either make or break your cutting project. Hence, choosing the great circular tool for the job should not be taken for granted.

Important Considerations Pool Owners Should Think Of

Owning a swimming pool in one’s backyard is a big investment and a big responsibility. Keeping the swimming pool always passes hygienic standards is of considerable importance. The energy cost of maintaining a pool is quite intimidating if one is not aware of how to do it right.   It’s high time to spend a time of finding a good variable speed pool pump.

owning a pool pump

Pool owners should determine the size of the pool pump to be used which will best fit the size of the pool.  Since swimming pool pump is highly required as it’s a necessity when you own a pool, it has to fit the size of your backyard swimming pool. The idea that bigger pumps always have a better performance than smaller ones is not true. You think about it. Your choice of a swimming pool pump will greatly affect the quality of the water in your pool.

Overpowering your filter system isn’t good. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to choose the pool pump that is best suited to the kind and size of your swimming pool. This idea should not be taken for granted in order to avoid higher operating costs.  It is indeed very necessary to consider the size of your pool filter as it will affect the performance of the pool pump you have chosen.  The pool filter should handle the flow coming from the pool pump.

When choosing the best swimming pool pump, it is needed to consider the number of gallons of water needed which is quite dependable to the size and shape of your pool. Consider the average pool depth, too.

The most accurate calculations of the number of gallons in your swimming pool and the number of gallons per hour needed to pump in order to clean the water in your pool in eight hours can be used in choosing the most appropriate swimming pool pump. Different pool sizes have a different number of gallons used.

buying a pool pump

Homeowners are pretty aware that swimming pools are a luxurious addition to their properties. To enjoy the most of their swimming pools, they need to consider the best pool pump to be used.  This is an important decision to be made and should not be taken for granted so as to make their investment truly an addition to their property and not a depressing waste of their hard earned money.

What is Your Best Preference in Cooking?

using a pressure cooker

When is cooking a great hassle? Meal prep is sometimes terrible. Your kitchen kits sometimes make or break your cooking fancy to the extent that you will just end up visiting the nearest diner to feed your stomach.  Well, there’s nothing to worry about if you want to serve the tasty and hearty beef stew to your family. It is in this light that I am calling your attention and check out our pressure cooker reviews.  Experience how amazing cooking would become so rewarding and fascinating.

Cooking is part of our lives.  It is the technology or the art of preparing food for our own consumption. Cooking involves transforming raw ingredients into delicious meals through the use of heat.  It is one of our unique activities. It speaks of our identity being the most intelligent animal on Earth.  It is a universal act which is one of our distinguishing factors as human beings.

What is cooking for you? What is your best preference in meal preparation? Cooking has been made easy and fast. The long hours of waiting have been reduced to a most reasonable time which is convenient for everybody. Cooking under an hour is made possible by the modern electric pressure cooker. You can best enjoy your desired soup with this kitchen appliance. All you have to do is just to dump all the ingredients into the pressure cooker and wait till the toughest meat becomes tender. Cooking with a pressure cooker isn’t boring at all because you will not wait for centuries till the toughest beef becomes tender.

Watch this video and get some fresh ideas on how to make your soup using an electric pressure cooker.

Using the pressure cooker means great convenience. It works on steam pressure which builds up extremely high pressure that will help cook food so fast.  It is used to cook almost anything. Since it is highly valuable to cook tough ingredients like beans, chickpeas, and meat, cooking becomes a hassle-free activity of man. It is used in most dwellings.

using the pressure cooker

Pressure cooking is cooking under an hour at certain level pressure.  The pressure level will depend on the recipe you have.  As for me, the pressure cooker is highly cost-effective and efficient as it uses less energy.  That’s why I eagerly shared it to be the best preference in tenderizing and in cooking many kinds of dishes in the kitchen. With the pressure cooker, you can showcase your culinary secrets to everyone.

Picking up the Best Spotting Scope

spotting scopes


If you are into hunting or birdwatching , picking up the best spotting scope is a perfect investment. Getting closer to the wildlife, the perfect view of the colorful birds, and the amazing image quality of the elusive animals are beyond the ordinary experiences. These are exquisite hobbies that need the perfect instrument for its magnification.  It’s the best time to find a spotting scope that will tailor fit to your preferences. What do you really need a spotting scope should be? You need it more than you want it.

Your hobby of getting closer to nature is a relaxation to the soul. The inexplicable and mysterious world of the wild satisfies your thirst of unraveling the unusual and the real beauty. A spotting scope is a perfect optic device that will give you the fine details of your subjects. You are capturing their moves and angles without disrupting their existence. It is just a matter of high-quality magnification, objectives lens, and stability.

Capture the fine details of your exquisite subjects.

As an amazing nature hobbyist, you need to consider the specifications and features of the spotting scope so you will not put your investment to waste.

A spotting scope offers better stability. The more stable the scope is on its tripod, the more accurate the view will get. It should be kept steady while gauging at the most strange creatures in the wild. Don’t miss the fantastic view, or else you will lose it for the second time around. Attach the spotting scope with a tripod for accuracy.

Adjusting the layout of the objective lens and magnification is of tremendous importance. Different models of spotting scopes display their unique features and magnification specifications. Study the details of the spotting scope and study its manual for  a more precise magnification.

You are into long-distance viewing, hence your chosen spotting scope should be of great assistance to give you enhanced vision. Being a nature aficionado, you just deserve its best magnification. The high-quality images bring you satisfaction.

Best Baking Preferences –Succulent Delight


Are you into baking? What makes it so intensely intensifying? It’s transforming the dough into something perfect! But it’s not all the time perfect. Oh, well, interestingly, the “how” in baking must be carved properly.

Oh, my bread collapses during baking! Why can’t just I bake the perfect cake? It’s not at all attractive; my kids for sure won’t like it.  But I can’t still stop myself from baking. I just love the aroma of freshly baked bread.  Baking is a science and I enjoy the whole thing. The freshly made bread is a succulent delight.  It’s exciting and satisfying. To make things perfect, one thing for sure must be done. I need to choose the best bread making machine.

Just think of all the different types of palatable loaves. These versatile foods have completed our mornings and made our day. Bread is considered as one of the world’s oldest foods. These delicious rolls are an attraction in our tables.

Baking once met the greatest hassle of spending more of our most valuable time and glorious effort. It was once a time-consuming process.  That is why people just relied on their delicious bread from commercial bakeries and stores. Baking was seldom done at home. But, hurray! Everything has changed. The advent of automatic bread making machines has changed the baking world dramatically. With this awesome machine, you can just bake everything!

From then on, kitchens have transformed into  busiest parts of the house. Millions of families are transforming their kitchens into busy bakeries full of delicious freshly baked loaves. The bread machines have attracted busy moms and bakers. The automatic bread machine does all the baking process following the five distinct changes of making a loaf.

Watch this video and learn more factors that you need to consider before purchasing a bread machine. 

Purchase Considerations

Individual differences of bread machines are based on our unique baking preferences. You have to carefully figure out the features that you need before you plunge yourself into the shop. Important key features of the machine must be your concern. The bread machine will become your buddy in baking delights for your family, hence don’t slack this stage. Our best reviews of bread machine will be deeply useful for a good start.

Bread Machine Quality

Choosing a high-quality bread machine should be your best baking preference. Of course, you have to consider your budget for this.  However, make it sure that you will go for the most trusted brand in the market.  As you go for the money , consider the baking-worthiness of the bread machine. It is quality and for the money. The baking market technology has continuously bombarded us with attractive choices to make baking our topmost preference in preparing foods. Check the programme setting and the amazing features. A certain brand of bread machine may have more features than others. You have to weigh things out. Your chosen bread machine should do you a favour. Not all bread machines perfectly hit our preferences. There might be lapses. That is why it is highly recommended to go over our bread machine reviews to make sure that you are producing a succulent delight. Think about this carefully. Don’t settle for the cheapest over quality for it will just make double your expenses.  Be sure that it’s your toughest choice so there will be no regrets in the end.

Your baking preferences should make your baking tasks a lot easier. It should be a lot more convenient and satisfying. The bread machine should serve you and your customers better. They should make the customers keep coming back for their succulent delight experiences. Make it sure, that these people almost forget their names once they have your bread tasted.


Best Bread Maker

Choose the best. The best bread maker should be your best baking preference. It should become one of the most helpful appliances at home. Your best choice should cater the needs of your family or your customers. They could not help but say thank you for the succulent delight”.

We can’t deny the usefulness of bread machines. These are modern tools which offer unlimited options. By using the correct bread machine, you will have a good time for your creativity. You can play with flavours that will make your family members crave for more. Baguettes, rolls, gluten-free, sweet and rolls are the machine’s serious offers that would delight your role and make the bread machine a wonderful creation in the kitchen. Small as they are, yet they can create big benefits! Hence, it makes the eating and the baking as easy as pie.  The baking could become an easy and a pleasurable experience.

Interesting Archery Rules and Guidelines You Need to Know


modern competitive archery

Archery existed as far as Stone Age 0f 20,000 BC.Millennia peoples used bows and arrows mainly for hunting in the wild and defending themselves in warfare. Name it through history. In 1900, archery was first included as an Olympic sport for men. Eventually, it became a sport for women in 1904. This sport has evolved with increasing popularity along with its high-tech equipment just like having the best cross bow.


It was in Finsbury England, in 1583 that the first recorded organizedArchery Competition archery tournaments were held. The great sport was once utilized by huntsmen and soldiers. Archery has remained popular even with the development of the guns. In fact over 83 nations participate in the pristigious Olympics archery competitions. It is one of the most-watched events. Athletes or the archers have to consider the specified rules on equipments to be used.

What is Target Aim of Archery?

The aim of the game is to shoot an arrow as close to the center of the target as possible. All is clear. It’s objective is not to kill though it requires the use of a bow and arrows. Unlike in the primitive times that bows and arrows were merely for hunting and war purposes.

Adherence to the Rules is a Must

What to Know about Players and Equipment?

First thing is first. An archer should own a bow. According to the World Archery Federation, a bow is an instrument consisting of a handle, riser and two  flexible limbs. Each ends in a tip with a string nock. Restrictions of the arrows are as well considered. The maximum diameter of an arrow shaft should not be more than 9.3mm while the arrow tips should not be more than 9.5mm in diameter.

Rules of the Game

  1. Varying distances are applied in both indoor and outdoor archery.  Distance for indoor archery varies from 18 meters to 25meters while outdoor archery has a varying distance of  30 meters to 90 meters. The standard distance used in Olympics is 70 meters.
  2. An archer can shoot  3 to 6 arrows in each segment or “ends” of the archery competition. After each end, the archers are allowed to know their scores and collet their arrows.
  3. Indoor archery is usually composed of 20 ends in which archers are allowed to shoot 3 arrows. The archers are allotted two minutes for three arrows.
  4. Archers will begin to shoot after receiving the command which is done through flags or lights.Hence, they are not allowed to the bow arm until the signal to start is given.

How is the Scoring Done?

  1. Points are awarded accordingly. The points range from 1 to 10. The points depend on the location where the arrows land or strike.  It covers the outer white ring  to the inner gold ring moving to the center.
  2. Add the points where the arrows hit the target. Hitting the inner gold ring will give the archer the highest possible points of 10. Hitting the outer white ring will give the archers the least point of 1.
  3. Arrows that miss the target will not yield any score.
  4. Winning the competition will depend on the pre-determined rules by the tournament being participated.
  5. In case of a tie, the archer with the highest number of 10s will be considered as the winner.

Over-all Regulations

  1. Archers must adhere the official rules of the tournament with utmost emphasis on the proper equipment to be used.
  2. Archers will be disqualified from the tournament if they commit various breaches to the rules.

Magnification of a Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes have become popular replacements for binoculars. Their magnification power starts where the conventional binoculars’ end. Viewing birds, wildlife and other distant scenery have become easier with spotting scopes. A magnification of 30x – 40x could already serve for observations and serve assurance for the production of reasonable images. And for those who want more, they choose ones that have higher lens quality to increase the image quality as well. But spotting scopes don’t always serve up the exactly same image quality every single time. There are also things that determine how much magnification can be used in a spotting scope. For finding the perfect spotting scope you should check out this website.


No matter how high grade your spotting scope is, the seeing conditions of the atmosphere can always affect the image quality produced by your optic. Air currents, heat waves, wind, dust, humidity and glare during the day are some of the things that can reduce the image quality. Not only that, but if your spotting scope has greater magnification, the reduction in image quality is more drastic.

Mountain bird

Just don’t expect that anything higher than 30x will do great in a wet, humid and low altitude climate. On the other hand, high-altitude and dry climates will favor scopes with high magnification power. There are also few instances or locations that will let you use 60x-80x magnification to its full potential. Because of this, most spotting scopes end at 60x. It is a common beginner’s mistake to buy a scope that they believe can magnify hundreds of times, only to find out that the atmosphere limits them to a mere 60x or even lesser.

The atmosphere also limits the details you can see at a distance. You would only get disappointed if you expect to see a person’s facial features through the ever-moving air at about a mile. That is not possible. You can use as much magnification as you want, but it is not possible. Seeing large objects such as ships is quite possible though, but it could be blurry or wavy.

Optical system of the spotting scope

Like mentioned earlier, as magnification goes up, the image quality drops off. It could be on the design or size of the spotting scope, but usually, the quality of the optical system gets blamed. Cheap spotting scopes are mainly the victims as premium grade ones lose little image quality in relation to their magnification.

If you want a spotting scope that can be sharp at 60x like how it is at 20x, then prepare to pay the price. Only a few and very expensive spotting scopes are capable of this.

Most observations through spotting scopes can be usually achieved at 30x to 40x and many spotting scopes can cater to this. Even the cheapest model can produce reasonable images at this range.

A spotting scope’s magnification is very important for your experience, but always keep in mind that there are things that can affect your scope’s performance.

Olde Glory Days

The City of Clinton flag is proudly flying over several of our local businesses including Pizza Glen. City flags are 3X5 and available at the Chamber office for $30.00 each. Anyone who would like to purchase one for their home or business, just give us a call or stop by the Depot. Clinton flags can also be seen flying at City Hall, Schreiber DDN Plant, the Clinton Community Center, the Clinton Chamber of Commerce, and Clinton Public Schools Administration Office.