Why Politics Suck

Have you ever thought who in the world invented Politics?

I mean, the future still depends on the people not the leaders at the end of the day. They’re getting filthy stinking rich while other citizens suffer from poverty.

So, this time, I want to give you some things that will make you think “Yes! Politics really suck!”. Here it goes.

Popularity Vs. Skills

Chuck Norris
I’m Sure This Guy Would Be The President If He Ran.

The major┬átrend today in Politics is, when you’re famous, you will win.

I don’t get it. Why people vote for them? I don’t know. Yes, it’s a good thing to have a president that the people love. But nothing can change the fact that majority of the famous people turned to Politicians are underperformers in terms of giving quality service to the public.

Majority of the People Are Just Forced to Vote

This entirely depends on the country you’re in. If you’re in North Korea, well this doesn’t apply to you, of course.

If you’re like me that was only forced to vote, your interest is not even there. What you will do is choose funny sounding candidate names.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Do you really think that these Politicians reveal their real personality?

I don’t really think so, these animals show themselves as a great person while deep down inside, they are full of crap. Corruption is a major issue all around the world. We don’t know the solution to fix this. I think that it’s physically impossible to stop this acts because we are just too unaware of it.

Getting tired of thinking of all this Political crap. Might as well lay down on my bed. Have you heard of the┬ámemory foam mattress topper made in USA? Try it, it’s like you’re laying down on the clouds. Perfect to have before voting to your favorite comic relief Politician.


Hope you learned something from this. Thank you for reading.